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Nikki Collinson-Phenix

Nikki Collinson-Phenix created The Profitable Couch community in 2019 to help aspiring, passionate and ambitious health and wellness professionals create businesses that are impactful AND profitable! The community has grown tenfold since those early days and is currently one of the main online support communities for all things related to the business side of health and wellness. Having worked in health and wellness for over 20 years both in hands on and talking therapies, Nikki knows a thing or two about the business side of health and wellness having run her own businesses for all that time in various guises in the UK and abroad, experiencing the full highs and lows that come with wanting to turn your passion to help people into a business that will support you, your family and your dreams!Combining all that therapy business experience with a previous corporate finance career and being a serial business learner, if she doesn't have the answer she will knows someone who does! In this podcast journey, you will find business training's relevant to the aspiring therapist whether you are just starting out or looking to grow and expand, along with inspiring interviews with therapists who have built successful practices whilst also navigating the challenges, curve balls and adversities of life. Nikki will also be tapping into some of her fabulous business network and bringing to you game changing interviews with incredible business experts on a whole range of business topics that can help you learn, inspire and grow your therapy practice, all with a lot of fun and laughter too along with the ability to submit questions through the community for the Ask Nikki feature! If you are a health and wellness professional who wants to build a fantastic business, make a huge difference to those you serve and rock out a pretty epic and well deserved income at the same time, then this top ranking podcast is for you!If you enjoy it and you are able to please do leave a rating/review, thanks so much and whilst you are at it, come on over and say hello in The Profitable Couch community too! We'd love to see you!

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